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Launched the first draft of BEST PGH (editor's note, 2021: https://www.bestinpgh.com, now defunct) my exploration project of bringing business services to existing commercial endeavors in the under served neighborhoods of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

I intend to bridge gaps in financing and IT development in low-income communities. Wealthier business districts can offer robust connections and networks, but sometimes, low-income communities do not have that wealth. I hope to intentionally target businesses and engage with them over long-term periods (18 months).

The underlying theory is that you can change a neighborhood by building up its businesses, help them grow and hire and be more robustly present in their district, and become capable of providing increasingly resilient services. I do not assume they can not already do this. Still, I do know I have seen businesses struggle for lack of resources and networks. That under served communities can suffer without resources that wealthier competitors have. I can be the bridge that provides them.

Photo by mavoimages, used under license through Adobe Stock.