I am Chris Field. This is my website.

I write for fun here. I tweet. My goals are to publish my novels and help companies with their regular writing needs.

The Novels

Personal projects include a fantasy novel called The Tree of Children, and a non-fiction novel-in-process called The Things Below: Bodies, Trash, and Human Waste.

The Tree of Children is about a lonely giant who finds a portal to another world. His actions plant the seed for how magic comes to exist in the human world. This book was inspired by a Kenneth Patchen poem called, “The Reason for Skylarks.” It is currently 106,000 words and the third draft is complete. I am actively seeking an agent and publication.

The Things Below is a researched non-fiction book exploring the invisible relationship of three things we dispose of: trash, sewage, and human remains. I am inspired to write this by my own curiosity of these amazing, mostly underground systems that most of us do not need to really see or even fully consider. I am seeking a publisher’s advance to support necessary travel and research.

Remember: Everything We Need to Know is in the Dirt!