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A New WordPress MeetUp

A New WordPress MeetUp

I work in WordPress a lot during the course of my day. I have been wanting to attend one of those “MeetUps” that are in the area, and they had one for WordPress. Seemed like a natural thing to check out.

I could never get to a meeting, though, for one reason or another. Evening meetings can be like that, right? Eventually, I think the group itself fizzed out and that was that. Well, I really wanted to go to one of those darn meetings.

So I started a new MeetUp group for WordPress here in Pittsburgh. We will see how things go, but there has been a nice response and I am really looking forward to the first event. Today, I met with two really gracious folks who agreed to help me out with planning the meeting. We had a great talk and they brought terrific ideas to the table, so there is now that much more enthusiasm.

Wish us all luck!