The Team



my wife

I married up, as they say. My wife’s smile lights up my heart. She saved me from a restless meandering and gave me more joy than I ever knew was possible in one person’s life. So, ah … thanks baby! I hope she likes the rice cooker I bought her.




my daughter

Having a kid is the kind of change that you didn’t know you wanted until after you go through it, but can’t explain to anyone else who hasn’t already experienced it themselves. Also, I heard someone try by saying that child-rearing time in life is, “the longest shortest time.” That makes sense to me.




my son

September 2012, we added to the club. A boy! It makes me wonder what they heck I was doing with all my free time before I had a second kid. I can’t remember a time before having a kid, so who knows what I was doing with all THAT free time. I think I went to the movies a lot.

My family is a constant source of inspiration and encouragement. They drive me to keep pushing ahead, even when times are bleak and I feel like tossing in the towel. If not for my wife, I would not have been able to realize my personal goals and dreams. My daughter has helped me to start bracketing out life in decades rather than weekends, if only because I can’t wait to see what kind of woman she becomes. My son makes me wonder, how am I going to keep this kid in line when he is a 6’4″ 20 year-old and I am 65? But together, they are the team behind my words and work.

Ask yourself: Will this satisfy

a woman satisfied to bear a child?

Will this disturb the sleep

of a woman near to giving birth?
-Wendell Berry

The Future

We eat double veggies with each meal, so I hope that counts for something. Otherwise, it’s lots of dark chocolate and fresh ground coffee, and the rest just sort of takes care of itself.