Light Solution for Dark Homes!

Check out what this clever guy is doing to provide light for folks – he is filling empty plastic pop bottles with water and a little bit of bleach. Then he installs them into the corrugated roof panel and seals them to keep out the rain. The water refracts the light and illuminates the interior of their homes – for free!

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Check out the video on YouTube:

The Solar Floating Resort

Check out this imagining of homes of the future: a floating, energy independent resort sea home!  Pretty radical. I would like to see an investor take this on. I know, there are a lot of concerns with something like this (like the underwater viewing bulb smashing into a coral reef) but hey, points for effort!

It is a cool concept. I think there is enough in the idea that is practical and currently demonstrable that the designer might be not far off from reality. Sure, an eventual “sea home” might not be round, or have a viewing bulb, but my guess is that it would have a photovoltaic skin coating, and harness tidal power, and be manufactured of extremely lightweight materials.

If I see future concepts, I would like to see sea water desalination, fresh water storage, storm shutters/immersion technology, anchor capacity, a docking slip, room for a dinghy … and yeah, a beer tap.