A cave

We should all be more social, right? No one wants to be the hermit. So, as Jean Luc Picard often said, engage!


Oh my, the mother of all cloud-based data repositories. The place where the Feds, employers and potential mother-in-laws can snoop and find out way too much information about a person (most of it completely out of context, of course). Well, here I am, for better or worse. Don’t forget to “like” the Fort Pitt Web Shop profile, please!


I am not really job hunting anymore, but I’ve enjoyed LinkedIn as a place to promote my company, the Fort Pitt Web Shop. So I use it for that and the occasional connection with an ex-colleague, which I enjoy a great deal.


@chrisfieldpgh” has been on Twitter since 2009, mainly using it as a platform for sharing reading that makes my blood pressure boil or simply seems to be too good to go unnoticed. I do not have an Ashton Kutcher-level of followers, but nor am I the star in a mundane sitcom. FortPittWeb Tweets, too.


Oh what the hey. Sure, Chris Field is also on Pinterest. Why? I really like looking at other people’s kitchens. And gardens!


Here I am – looking at your code. PittsburghChris

Others? Sure. There’s lots. Maybe. Just not today.