4th of July Was a Blast

I had a really wonderful 4th of July holiday with my family. We were invited to a number of cookouts, had a picnic, went to Idlewild, and finally, to Keystone Lake State Park. It was a blur of activity, but the weather cooperated for all of it and everyone enjoyed themselves immensely.    

The Solar Floating Resort

Check out this imagining of homes of the future: a floating, energy independent resort sea home!  Pretty radical. I would like to see an investor take this on. I know, there are a lot of concerns with something like this (like the underwater viewing bulb smashing into a coral reef) but hey, points for effort!… Continue reading The Solar Floating Resort

Pittsburgh is the new Portland?

Pittsburgh is the new Portland. That is the news out of the Washington Post this week.  It is pretty exciting to make it onto the “in” list of what’s cool.  It appears, though, that Pittsburghers are taking the acclaim in stride. One of the things that make it a cool place to live is that… Continue reading Pittsburgh is the new Portland?