Battle for High Earth

Photo by Guillermo Ferla on Unsplash

The Lightening Armada flew in close to the moon along the dark side to shield it from Terran scanners. After executing the sling around the white orb and closing the final distance to the planet, the crew has been on Alert: Launch Ready Only status. The captain barked across the COMS to initiate final checks… Continue reading Battle for High Earth

What Happened with the 80s?

I was thinking about the incredible boom happening in the craft liquor and spirits and beer industries. Gin producers are now foraging the herbs and roots that flavor their products.  The hippening of unique brandy flavors is on the horizon. The “high-end premium” market is propelling overall growth. The once standard clear glass bottle is… Continue reading What Happened with the 80s?

We are born a stock human being

I wonder if one of these two videos borrowed from the other and Specifically, there is a section of The Thin Red Line that is seen in the opening of this compilation:

Calling the Kids

I call the kids from the first floor. They don’t respond. What are they doing up there? I am as a voice, whispering into the darkness of the world’s largest, deepest, darkest cave. Cool water drips onto my forehead from a looming stalactite. “Kids!” The car is already running to warm it up – freezing… Continue reading Calling the Kids