Discipline by Zen

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That thing where you threaten to pull over the car, and then you do? I did that. We were traveling north on I279 and I pulled over near Bellevue, PA, turned into a Ryan Homes development and stopped the car in front of a clone home with a small yard and admired the fact that… Continue reading Discipline by Zen

On Raising A Boy

crying stressed tired exhausted child, pain and sorrow

There is a little monster inside men. It rages and hungers for violence, in a constant pitched battle with those other elements inside who speak clarion calls for righteousness and protection and peace.  That rage is evident from the first screams out of mother’s womb. Will it molest my boy, my son? Will he be… Continue reading On Raising A Boy

Channeling Anger

“You can’t organize a group of victims. If people only see themselves that way, there’s no sense of agency, no sense of power. But when you tell them that we’re fighting an injustice or an offense to their dignity, they become angry and involved.” https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2019/01/charles-duhigg-american-anger/576424/ As Americans, we really feel righteous in anger. We’ve been… Continue reading Channeling Anger

Hard Things to Do

Raising kids has been the hardest 5 year stretch of my life so far.

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Our Dog Ray

We spent the morning in the backyard, playing with water from the hose. Later, he had a big meal of freshly cooked chicken breast & white rice and chased his peanut butter kong down the run between mine and the neighbor’s houses. He rolled in and crushed several of my flower beds, jumped at a… Continue reading Our Dog Ray

Madame Seriziat

My father has always loved this portrait of Madame Seriziat. Over the years I have come to admire it a great deal, too. Such a subtle, but beautiful woman. The art of our ancestors is a wonderful thing. In the midst of cell phone notification-overload and Tivo-remorse, it is a joy to pause for a… Continue reading Madame Seriziat

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Edward Braun’s Documents

In September, 2008, we donated all of Michael and Edward Braun’s papers to the John Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh. Included in the collection were: two work visas, which I previously thought were passports, for Michael and his wife, Adelaide, several legal papers in French, probably sales contracts, one of Edward’s stock certificates, and letters… Continue reading Edward Braun’s Documents

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