Go For a Run, They Said. It’s Fun!

I missed a couple workouts at the gym this week (pulled a muscle helping some nuns across the street or something like that). I was getting antsy so I decided to go for a run. Besides, people are telling me all the time, “Go for a run. It’s fun!” Read the rest at Medium

The Habit of Graduate School

I am two semesters away from my third master’s degree. Earning mastery. Again. A third time. I’m talking about fourteen semesters of school after getting my regular, college undergraduate degree. At this point, graduate school is basically a morning routine. An expensive one. I need a bumper sticker that says, “My other car is a… Continue reading The Habit of Graduate School

Discipline by Zen

Photo by topek setiawan on Unsplash

That thing where you threaten to pull over the car, and then you do? I did that. We were traveling north on I279 and I pulled over near Bellevue, PA, turned into a Ryan Homes development and stopped the car in front of a clone home with a small yard and admired the fact that… Continue reading Discipline by Zen

Battle for High Earth

Photo by Guillermo Ferla on Unsplash

The Lightening Armada flew in close to the moon along the dark side to shield it from Terran scanners. After executing the sling around the white orb and closing the final distance to the planet, the crew has been on Alert: Launch Ready Only status. The captain barked across the COMS to initiate final checks… Continue reading Battle for High Earth

On Raising A Boy

crying stressed tired exhausted child, pain and sorrow

There is a little monster inside men. It rages and hungers for violence, in a constant pitched battle with those other elements inside who speak clarion calls for righteousness and protection and peace.  That rage is evident from the first screams out of mother’s womb. Will it molest my boy, my son? Will he be… Continue reading On Raising A Boy

Wanting an Impossible Burger

Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

A year ago, my wife brought home a packet of Beyond Meat burgers. These are the plant-based protein patties that have been engineered to replicated ground beef, but contain no beef in them. They even go so far as to include runny red beet juice to simulate bleeding rare beef. I know, you’re saying “eww… Continue reading Wanting an Impossible Burger

What Happened with the 80s?

I was thinking about the incredible boom happening in the craft liquor and spirits and beer industries. Gin producers are now foraging the herbs and roots that flavor their products.  The hippening of unique brandy flavors is on the horizon. The “high-end premium” market is propelling overall growth. The once standard clear glass bottle is… Continue reading What Happened with the 80s?