“Solar Roadways” Filmmaker Coming to Pittsburgh, PA

Mark Dixon, filmmaker, is coming to Pittsburgh this July 24th to speak at Green Drinks about his latest feature project, Solar Roadways. I think the Solar Roadways project is amazingly innovative. I have no credentials to support whether or not it would work, but thankfully, the project is being funded to be developed as a parking lot – so any kinks can be worked out before actual roads get built.

The July Green Drinks is at Blue Line Grill, 1014 Fifth Avenue, Pittsburgh, 15219. Appetizers and drink specials compliments of Blue Line Grill!

The Monty Hall Problem

I doubt I will ever be on a gameshow or even have an opportunity to try this during a Pittsburgh Pirates game, but if any of you ever do, here is a video explaining how to win at the Monty Hall Game.

You are probably already familiar with the game – you have three doors to choose from. One has a prize behind it. You pick on, but before the game host opens your selected door, they open another door. The other door has a “gift” behind it that you just don’t want (in the video, it’s a goat). Then you are given a chance to switch to another door, or keep your same door. What do you do?

Watch the video to find out: