Action Hooks Do What Now?

I have been working in WordPress for awhile.  Hey, I really like it. One of the great things about WordPress (and probably a major reason for it’s skyrocketing adoption rate) is how simple and useful it is for the complete newbie who just wants to post a blog.  And one of the great things about WordPress (and yeah, probably a major reason for it’s skyrocketing adoption rate) is how functional and useful it is for the developer who needs to push the boundaries of an already robust content management system.

For folks like me who are in the middle (more than newbie; less than full-on developer), some of the concepts are hard to digest.  One of them that took me awhile to understand is the concept of Action Hooks.  Understanding it, though, really opened some doors for me.

I have had to spend a lot of time reading through the WordPress Codex and countless help forums to really get a grasp of Action Hooks, but I recently found this elegantly simple article by Nathan Rice.  His short post on WordPress Action Hooks was like windex on my peanut butter and jelly-covered glass door. He made it all clear to me.

Check out what Nathan has to say about Action Hooks.

It is a simple and powerful concept. Get the most out of your development time in WordPress by bringing a full understanding of Action Hooks to your next project.

Micro Hydropower at Home

I was recently excited about an idea to link up a tiny waterwheel to my downspouts. After a little online reading, I learned from a series of circa year-2008 posts that downspouts would not really produce a reasonable enough amount of power a turbine, but wastewater flow would. It is illegal in the City of Pittsburgh to tap into the wastewater systems, but in places where this is allowed, it seems like a reasonable way to collect from a passive energy source.

Here are some websites for reading:

This is an area where I think community leaders ought to cast a eye while they consider ways to minimize power draw from the overall power grid.  If each home could pull from a passive source to generate a low amount of energy (particularly clean energy), it might just add up to something significant.