US 2012 Election

I think Fareed Zakaria sums things up nicely for me. There are certainly other issues at play which this video does not address but this is a good start. The other issues include social issues and faith-based issues. I’ll leave those for perhaps another post.

Because I am using an embedded video from CNN, you’ll probably see a commercial that they push through before the video starts. Sorry about that. I do not explicitly endorse whatever product gets pushed, just the video on Fareed’s Take which follows that commercial.

Financial Regulation, Anyone?

I admit this stuff is way over my head. I am sure if I tried to recite the main points in this article, I would crumble into a heap of mumbling and finally just stop talking without clearly articulating anything. But this stuff is important and it effects all of us. I recommend the read, if only because it paints a picture of the financial crisis that goes beyond one political party’s faults – it provides the necessary scope for such a large and writhing issue.

Too Big To Fail and Too Risky To Exist
By William J. Quirk
The American Scholar
Autumn 2012