McDonald’s Presses Pig Farmers to Stop Using Gestation Stalls

It is too bad that it is “news” when a major animal harvester decides to be an iota more humane in the way it procures its product. Shouldn’t people demand that suppliers already behave in humane ways towards the treatment of the animals we eat? It should only be news if some restaurant fed us […]


2nd Web and Consumer Trends

The February 2012 briefing predicts an emerging consumer trend, “Point-Know-Buy,” which is driven by mobile technologies, massive visual cues, & augmented reality. Using web-enabled smart phones, users will be able to collect digital information that is otherwise not available in the plain, unconnected physical reality.  Then, users can potentially add to that virtual body of knowledge […]


Hungry for Hunger Games

OK, so I am not a 14 year-old teen, but man did I eat up some Hunger Games last Friday night.  Ever since, I have been chomping at the bit to get into the second (of the three) books in the Suzanne Collins trilogy, but am currently back in slow-read gear.  I am reading, “The Swerve: […]